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How You Can Use the Johnson Biophysics® Technique to Elevate Your Practice 

How You Can Use the Johnson Biophysics® Technique to Elevate Your Practice

The Johnson Biophysics®  technique uses the Cartesian Coordinate System which is the X, Y, Z axis, both to evaluate and to adjust the biomechanical integrity of the human body, specifically focusing on the spine, pelvis, and extremities. A pre and post three dimensional posture analysis is also completed as well as mirror image adjustments to the spine and extremities. The main objective of The Johnson Biophysics® is to to detect and correct biomechanical improprieties of the spine and extremities freeing the body of pain. 

How is the Johnson Biophysics® Technique Applied?

Using mirror image adjustments, Dr. Johnson realigns the spine and extremities with a high-velocity, low-amplitude thrust. This specific thrust technique aims to position the joint in its most biomechanically relevant alignment, promoting optimal function and mobility. By targeting subluxations, or biomechanical misalignments, the Johnson BioPhysics® frees the body from neurological and physiological interferences, known as the Vertebral Subluxation Complex.

Dr. Johnson’s expertise extends to adjusting the pelvis and extremities, facilitating maximum joint range of motion. This involves pushing the joint to its anatomical integrity while respecting the ligaments responsible for its stability. This holistic approach triggers receptors in capsular ligaments, sending neurological signals to the brain. This neurological response initiates a negative feedback loop, ultimately leading to improved neurological function and reduced pain reception.

This technique is applied for the Ring Dinger®, a spinal decompression technique invented by Dr. Gregory Johnson to provide relief to patients suffering back pain and other spine related problems. It is designed to relieve pressure on nerves and spinal discs to promote better spinal alignment and overall health. 

The Ring Dinger® Technique

Developed by Dr. Gregory E. Johnson, the Ring Dinger® technique stands as a pioneering spinal decompression method. This gentle, yet highly effective approach utilizes specialized chiropractic equipment to provide relief for patients grappling with back pain and spinal discomfort. By applying a specific force on a specialized table, the spine is gently decompressed, relieving pressure on nerves and spinal discs.

Dr. Johnson’s 40 years of expertise in chiropractic care are evident in the use of the Ring Dinger® technique. This method not only addresses immediate pain relief but also promotes long-term spinal health and alignment. Patients have reported significant improvements in their conditions after receiving this treatment.

Johnson Biophysics® Chiropractic Seminars

Experience hands-on, one-on-one instruction at ACE Seminars, held at the Advanced Chiropractic Relief’s office in Houston, Texas from Monday to Wednesday, 9 AM to 4 PM. These seminars are a pivotal opportunity to enhance your patient treatment techniques. Gain expertise in taking comprehensive medical and chiropractic histories, conducting thorough orthopedic and neurological examinations, formulating precise clinical diagnoses, and crafting short-term treatment plans. These plans are designed not only to optimize patient outcomes but also to add significant value to your practice by offering cash-based services. This approach prioritizes the patient’s well-being and protects against insurance-driven fee reductions without consent.

Learn the safe and effective application of the Johnson BioPhysics® and Ring Dinger® adjustments, guided by Your Houston Chiropractor, Dr. Gregory Johnson. With over 42 years of experience, Dr. Johnson imparts clinical skills rooted in scientific knowledge and education, ensuring you can confidently manage even the most severe patient conditions. This seminar is a testament to Dr. Johnson’s reputation for achieving exceptional clinical outcomes and securing fair compensation for services rendered.

Elevate Your Practice with Certified Training

For chiropractors seeking to expand their skill set and offer cutting-edge techniques like the Johnson BioPhysics® and Ring Dinger®, certification through seminars led by Dr. Gregory Johnson is a pivotal step. Dr. Johnson’s wealth of experience and innovative approach to chiropractic care make him a leading figure in the field.

If you’re intrigued by the Ring Dinger® or other advanced treatments offered, don’t hesitate to reach out to Advanced Chiropractic Equipment LLC. Elevate your practice and provide your patients with the highest level of care through these revolutionary techniques.

Incorporate these techniques into your practice today and witness the transformative impact they can have on your patients’ well-being and overall spinal health. Embrace innovation and join the ranks of chiropractors at the forefront of modern healthcare. Elevate your practice with the Johnson BioPhysics® and Ring Dinger® techniques, and become a beacon of advanced chiropractic care in your community.

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