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Chiropractic TableThe best chiropractic tables for chiropractors should be comfortable, easy to maintain, and affordable. Choose a chiropractic table that is specifically designed for the applications you practice. There are various options for chiropractic tables, including hylo, stationary, portable, elevation, pediatrics, and flexion.

Best Chiropractic Adjustment Tables

Chiropractic tables are also called drop tables. A drop table raises and levels a patient’s body. There are many types of chiropractic tables, including stationary, portable, and pediatric. Your needs determine the type you choose. Some tables are designed for specific chiropractic applications.

Stationary chiropractic tables 

This is the oldest form of chiropractic table. A stationary drop table is simple, inexpensive, and requires less maintenance. Stationary tables are manually adjusted. They also have different features for adjusting the table before or during a session.  

Since they are immobile, a chiropractor has to choose the best spot to erect the table. Setting the table near a large open window brings in natural light and fresh air. It makes the chiropractic session more therapeutic. 

Portable chiropractic tables 

Portable drop tables are similar to stationary tables in design. However, portable tables are customizable and easy to move. Most portable chiropractic tables are collapsible for easy storage. In addition, portable drop tables are adjustable to suit various chiropractic treatments. Modern portable drop tables have a tiltable headrest. The table has an adjustable height to make it sit lower or higher.

Elevation tables 

Elevated chiropractic tables are heavy and stationary. The height is adjusted manually or by pressing a motorized switch. This table has a hinged footrest. The headrest tilts at a 45° angle for better access to the patient’s body. The table’s motorized switch is foot-operated. It allows the chiropractor to make adjustments as needed when treating a patient.

Hylo tables

The Hylo table is also called a high-low or a Hilo drop table. It has an adjustable height and tilts vertically as well.  A Hylo table is handy when treating immobile patients. A chiropractor can tilt the table without causing the patient discomfort. Hi-lo chiropractic tables have a sturdy adjustable base. Base wheels increase the mobility of the table.

Flexion distraction table 

This table suits a chiropractic procedure known as flexion distraction. It is a non-surgical treatment that alleviates spinal pressure. Flexion-distraction tables help in treating patients with herniated discs or recurring lower back pain. Each part of the table moves individually to adjust the patient’s position. A chiropractor adjusts the table manually or digitally. Some manual flexion distraction tables are adjusted using an air-powered drop mechanism.

Decompression table

Decompression tables are ideal for non-surgical spinal therapy. The table is adjusted to stretch the spine. It allows spinal fluid to flow back in place. Decompression tables make it easy to address spinal issues problems such as herniated discs. It is also handy when treating patients with severe back pain.

Decompression tables are highly modernized drop tables. They have advanced features like motion sensors, which detect irregular muscle moving or resistance. Such unique features make decompression tables costly. 

Pediatric table 

Pediatric tables are handy in treating children with spinal problems. These tables feature themes and colors that appeal to children. Pediatric chiropractic tables are smaller in size. They are adjustable to suit a child’s height alone. 

There are many types of pediatric tables. They can be portable, stationary, elevated, or hi-lo depending on their application. 

Intersegmental traction table 

Chiropractors use Intersegmental traction tables to stretch the spine as well. Unlike decompression tables, intersegmental drop tables use rollers to stretch the spine. 

Intersegmental tables are sometimes called roller tables. You can operate the rollers manually or automatically.  Some roller tables have in-built vibration to stretch and massage the spine. It speeds up the spinal healing process. 

Tips for choosing chiropractic drop tables 

There are several things to consider when buying chiropractic tables, including the brand, price, maintenance, comfort, and warranty. Consider choosing a table that serves your needs best. Choose a drop table that is easy to maintain and requires less effort to operate. Complex chiropractic treatment requires an advanced drop table. Such tables, may require professional maintenance.

The best chiropractic table should be comfortable for the physician and patient. A drop table with spine adjusting features will be comfortable for patients with herniated discs. Patients with neck problems can benefit from a drop table with adjustable head height. Aim for a chiropractic table designed for your niche. It ensures all your patients are comfortable during a session.

Many factors influence the price of chiropractic tables. One of them is the technology used in making the drop table. Manually operated drop tables are cheaper than automated tables. Besides, drop tables with additional features, like vertical tilting or adjustable headrest, will fetch a higher price. How much you spend on a drop table depends on the chiropractic service you provide. Complex spinal treatments, like spinal stretching, require a stationary drop table. If you’re interested in buying chiropractic tables, please call us at 713-859-9447 or contact us at Advanced Chiropractic Equipment LLC.

Basic Table Components and Options

1. Control Panel operates Elevating Cushion
2. Pelvic Posts
3. Elevation Cushion
4. Elevation Cushion Safety Switch
5. Power Cord
6. Floor-Mount Bar
7. Height Foot Pedal
8. Protective Base Skirt


• Electric requirement 115 v~, 60 Hz, 10 A
• Lifting capacity – 450 pounds
• Acrylic thermo-plastic base skirting
• Ultra-Cell® foam for comfort and shape retention
• Height Range – 26” – 35”
• Length – 73″
• Width – 26″
• Shipping weight approximately 250-300 lbs.

Manual Spinal Neural Decompression Table

This manual spinal neural decompression table will revolutionize the chiropractic field. This adjustable table will lift the patients leg to be parallel to the floor with a push of a button. The table will also adjust in height to accommodate any height of the doctor performing the Ring Dinger.

Our Guarantee

Your chiropractic table has been thoroughly tested and inspected before shipment. All parts are guaranteed against defect in materials for one full year from the date of purchase. During this period, any such defect will be remedied by a factory-authorized repair service at no additional charge. Tables damaged by mishandling or accident will be repaired at a reasonable charge. All correspondence should be directed to your local dealer, or when this is not possible, to Advanced Chiropractic Equipment.

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