Dr. Johnson & Matthew Tuttle D.C.

This was the best seminar I have attended. I’m generally not a seminar guy, but I have learned more in 3 days from Dr. Johnson than any other chiropractor. The Ring Dinger® table is well worth the money, not even counting the ADA tax credit. Great way to increase value in your practice!

– Matthew Tuttle D.C.

Dr Johnson & John Kiriakatis D.C.

I have been to many seminars on technique and by far this was the most thorough and in-depth seminar I have been to with regards to consultation, exam, and the Johnson technique Y-axis Ring Dinger® adjustment. I have witnessed with my own eyes patients coming into the office in a wheelchair and
walking out. No one I know of is adjusting on the Y-axis and the results are nothing short of miraculous. I am excited to take back what I learned from Dr. Johnson back to my practice and start seeing the same
outcomes for my patients. Thank you to Dr. Johnson, Renae, and Brad for having me

– John Kiriakatis D.C.

Dr. Johnson & Dr. Randall Evans DC

Since implementing the Ring Dinger into my practice there has been a tremendous influx of patients surpassing what I had even expected. More importantly, the results my patients have gotten from this adjustment is even more impressive. People with chronic pain who have sought out multiple medical doctors, physical therapists, and other chiropractic physicians with no luck, with the Ring Dinger they have more relief than with any other practitioner. 

As I explain to all of my patients, chiropractic care is a great supplement to what they are doing in their everyday lives. However, some supplements are superior to others, and I have found the Ring Dinger to be one of the most effective to get my patients out of pain and back to optimal function.

– Dr. Randall Evans DC

Dr. Johnson & Dr. Daniel Rude’ D.C.

After seeing Dr. Johnson’s videos on YouTube and how he combined Biophysics chiropractic protocol and spinal decompression, I was interested to learn more. In my practice I have a lot of patients with forward head posture and I was looking for an adjustment protocol to help correct this spinal misalignment. After I found that the manual spinal neural decompression table was made by Hill Laboratories, my favorite table company, I decided to purchase the table. With this purchase came my amazing introduction to Dr. Johnson. I have really enjoyed my hands-on training under the personal tutelage of Dr. Johnson. I would recommend other chiropractors look into the Y-axis adjusting technique into their chiropractic practice! Dr. Johnson is the real deal, a very skilled and knowledgeable chiropractor who cares about his patients and providing chiropractors with training to improve their skills.

Stand Tall,
– Dr. Daniel Rude’ D.C.

Dr. Johnson & Dr. Eric Prather D.C.

I was very impressed with Dr. Johnson’s thoroughness and rapport with his patients. I learned a new skill in the Ring Dinger® technique that I can’t wait to implement into my practice. Dr. Johnson is truly leaving a legacy that can revolutionize how chiropractic is practiced.

-Dr. Eric Prather D.C.

Dr. Johnson & Dr. Eric Herman, DC
I am overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation for Dr. Gregory Johnson for creating the Ring Dinger® adjustment and certifying me in the use of The Ring Dinger® decompression adjustment. The outcomes have been amazing, much quicker and longer lasting results from my most complex and tough cases. I’ve seen chronic severe sciatic pain that was constantly present for 10 years clear up in a handful of visits. This is not occasional, this is often. Thank you Dr. Johnson for your selfless service to the suffering people and for furthering the popularity of the Chiropractic profession. 
Dr. Eric Herman, DC
Dr. Johnson & Dr. Ken Krimpelbein

I have always been passionate about improving patient outcomes. The case management and Ring Dinger® technique I learned this week from Dr. Johnson are going to benefit my patients immensely. What I appreciate the most was the clinical aspect of the seminar.

-Dr. Ken Krimpelbein

Dr. Johnson & Ali Elahi

The three-day seminar with Dr. Johnson is a blast. It’s the most fun I’ve had at a seminar so far. You won’t be sitting down much as the entire seminar is the doctor taking care of real patients and teaching you on the way. Highly recommend it.

-Ali Elahi