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Award winning Houston Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Johnson is now teaching his Johnson Chiropractic Technique to DC's from all around the world.

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Welcome to Advanced Chiropractic Equipment LLC, where we offer business solutions for chiropractors looking to elevate their practice and increase revenue. We provide top-tier seminars and equipment to teach chiropractors the intricate biomechanics of the whole body, including the adjustment of joint subluxations that disrupt communication within the body. Our seminars and equipment are invaluable in the industry, providing you with the tools and knowledge you need to be at the forefront of an ever growing group of forward thinking chiropractors.

Dr. Gregory Johnson

Award-Winning Houston Chiropractor

Famous Houston Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Johnson is an award-winning American Chiropractor who provides all-natural and safe Chiropractic care. He has helped thousands of people suffering from neck pain, back pain, herniated disc and subluxation. Dr. Johnson is renowned for his Johnson Y Axis Adjustment® and Johnson Biophysics® techniques also referred to as the Ring Dinger®.

Dr. Johnson practices a very specific corrective care technique called Johnson Biophysics®, which is highly-focused on the detection and correction of The modern definition of vertebral subluxation as it is in the Australian Spinal Research Foundation “A vertebral subluxation is a diminished state of being, comprising a state of reduced coherence, altered biomechanical function, altered neurological function, and altered adaptability.”

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View our famous chiropractic tables. Providing State of The Art, Safe & Effective Chiropractic Equipment for Licensed Healthcare Providers i.e. DC’s. MD’s, DO’s, ND’s, PT’s to perform The Johnson Y Axis Adjustment® Ring Dinger® adjustments on the Y axis to their patients with certain musculoskeletal spine related disorders.

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In 2019, we were awarded the title of Best Chiropractors in Houston. Our mission is to connect individuals with the top local experts. We were evaluated based on five categories, including reputation, credibility, experience, availability, and professionalism to compile a hand-picked list of the finest chiropractors in Houston, TX.