Advanced Chiropractic Equipment LLC

New Team Ring Dinger® Full Package
financing from NCMIC

New package for our products and services financed by NCMIC.

The New current package that can be financed by NCMIC includes the Advanced Chiropractic Seminar for $1,500.00, The Ring Dinger® table for $8,999.00. Shipping based on estimates from Hill Labs who manufactures our table from their facility in Pennsylvania to your office location. The estimated shipping cost is $1,600.00. The Team Ring Dinger® sign showing you are an official Team Ring Dinger® certified D.C. is $699.00 plus a shipping cost of $175.00. 8.5% Texas State sales tax will be applied to your purchase. Whether you get the NCMIC financing or pay with a credit or debit card will put you in line for a career opportunity like none other. You can reserve your spot at our ACR office in Houston by filling out this seminar survey on our website.

Don’t forget the Ring Dinger® table is eligible for a federal ADA tax credit worth 50% allowing you to pay for all of our package products and services by adjusting only 45 Ring Dinger® adjustments at $100.00 per adjustment paid in cash to you by the patient. Do you know of any other Chiropractic table you can pay for in 45 adjustments which is a huge return on the investment? Please check with your CPA or tax attorney for IRS rules and regulations as we do not give tax advice.

We provide protocols/procedures for you to use in your office so you can have an amazing return on your investment surpassing most every other Chiropractic table on the market.

Our package total cost is $13,797.33 which is an investment in your future as a certified Team Ring Dinger® doc in your area of the United States. 

You may want to get our federal trademark licenses so you can advertise you are an official Team Ring Dinger® trained, certified Chiropractor bringing many new patients who are willing to pay you $100.00 cash for the Ring Dinger® adjustment into your office because they are looking for Team Ring Dinger® docs near them.

We look forward to watching your back by becoming a Team Ring Dinger® doc today. It’s time to put fun back into your practice and earn more cash at the same time.

Respect for those willing to learn about Advanced Chiropractic Adjusting techniques and clinical skills giving you a competitive edge in the marketplace