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Advantages of Being a Team Ring Dinger® Chiropractor

In the realm of chiropractic care, innovative techniques and approaches are continually emerging to address a diverse range of musculoskeletal issues. One technique that has garnered attention in recent years is the “Ring Dinger.” This method has gained popularity for its unique name and its potential to provide relief from spinal problems and discomfort. But what exactly is a “Team Ring Dinger Doc,” and what sets this approach apart from traditional spinal decompression practices? In this article, we will explore the fundamentals of the Team Ring Dinger technique, shedding light on what it can do for you, your practice, and your patients.

What are the Requirements for Being a Team Ring Ringer ® Doc?

To be a Team Ring Dinger® chiropractor in the US, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Be a licensed chiropractor in the United States.
  • Complete the Ring Dinger® training program, which is a comprehensive course that teaches the theory and practice of the Ring Dinger® adjustment.
  • Pass a written and practical exam.
  • Sign a contract with Team Ring Dinger®.

The Ring Dinger® training program is a 3-day course that covers the following topics:

  • The anatomy and physiology of the spine
  • The principles of spinal decompression
  • The technique of the Ring Dinger® adjustment
  • The risks and benefits of the Ring Dinger® adjustment
  • How to market and bill for the Ring Dinger® adjustment

The written and practical exams are designed to assess your knowledge and skills in the Ring Dinger® adjustment. The contract with Team Ring Dinger® outlines the terms of your membership in the network, including the fees you will pay and the services you will receive.

If you are interested in becoming a Team Ring Dinger® chiropractor, you can contact Team Ring Dinger® for more information. 

What are the Benefits of Being a Team Ring Dinger® Doc:

Comprehensive Training:

Team Ring Dinger® chiropractors undergo extensive training in the latest spinal decompression, with a key focus on the Ring Dinger® adjustment. This manual decompression technique has demonstrated remarkable safety and effectiveness in relieving pain and enhancing function for individuals with a wide range of conditions. The training process is a journey, equipping chiropractors with not only technical expertise but also a profound understanding of the underlying principles of musculoskeletal health. This comprehensive education empowers practitioners to navigate even the most complex cases with confidence and precision.

Access to a Supportive Network:

Being a part of the Team Ring Dinger® community means having access to a network of like-minded chiropractors who are all employing the Ring Dinger® adjustment. This invaluable resource fosters an environment of support, providing a platform for sharing insights, experiences, and best practices. This collaborative approach ensures that every practitioner within the Team Ring Dinger® network has a robust foundation for delivering high-quality care.

Within this network of professionals, there are countless opportunities for mentorship and collaboration. Experienced chiropractors like Dr. Gregory Johnson offers guidance to those newer to the technique, facilitating a continuous cycle of growth and knowledge. Team Ring Dinger® members’ sense of camaraderie and shared mission creates an uplifting professional environment that extends beyond clinical settings.

Tailored Marketing Resources:

Team Ring Dinger® chiropractors Team Ring Dinger chiropractors have access to marketing materials and resources that can help them attract new patients who are specifically searching the internet for a Team Ring Dinger doctor near them. Team Ring Dinger doctors will be placed on Advanced Chiropractic Equipment LLC’s website which has worldwide SEO.  With access to targeted marketing strategies, chiropractors can effectively communicate their expertise and the benefits of the Team Ring Dinger® approach to potential patients.

Simplified Payment Process:

One distinctive advantage of being a Team Ring Dinger® chiropractor is the ability to offer the Ring Dinger® adjustment at a cash rate of $100.00. This streamlined payment process eliminates the need to navigate insurance. By removing financial barriers, chiropractors can focus on providing exceptional care without administrative hurdles.

This straightforward payment structure allows chiropractors to allocate more time and resources towards patient care, rather than administrative tasks and dealing with the hassle of insurance. It reinforces the commitment to growing your practice that defines the Team Ring Dinger® approach.

Continuous Professional Development:

Staying at the forefront of advancements in spinal decompression is vital for delivering top-notch care. Team Ring Dinger® chiropractors have access to a range of continuing education opportunities, ensuring they remain updated on the latest techniques in chiropractic and full spinal decompression. These opportunities include hands-on clinical seminars taught by Dr. Gregory Johnson in Houston, Texas. This commitment to ongoing learning empowers practitioners to provide the highest quality of care to their patients.

These seminars are not just educational events, but immersive experiences where chiropractors delve deep into the intricacies of advanced techniques. They provide a platform for interactive learning, allowing practitioners to refine their skills under the guidance of experts and exchange insights with peers. This dedication to continuous professional development sets Team Ring Dinger® chiropractors apart as leaders in the field.

Additional Benefits of Being a Team Ring Dinger® Chiropractor:

Enhanced Patient Satisfaction:

The Ring Dinger® adjustment has proven to be a safe and effective method for relieving pain and improving function. This directly contributes to heightened patient satisfaction, creating a positive healthcare experience that fosters trust and confidence in the chiropractic profession.

Patients who experience the transformative effects of the Ring Dinger® technique are not only relieved of physical discomfort but also gain a renewed sense of vitality and well-being. This heightened level of patient satisfaction not only leads to better clinical outcomes but also strengthens the reputation of the chiropractor and the profession as a whole.

Elevated Professional Reputation:

Being associated with Team Ring Dinger® elevates a chiropractor’s reputation, signifying a high level of skill and experience in the field. Team Ring Dinger® is a symbol of excellence in chiropractic care, recognized and respected by both peers and patients alike. It signifies a practitioner’s dedication to advanced techniques and delivering superior outcomes. This elevated reputation opens doors to new opportunities and solidifies a chiropractor’s position as a trusted authority in the field.


Dr. Gregory  Johnson’s influence on the chiropractic profession, particularly through the popularization of the “Ring Dinger,” is undeniable. His methods have not only intrigued and captivated audiences but have also significantly increased the visibility of chiropractic care on a global scale with his viral technique. Being a Team Ring Dinger® chiropractor can be a rewarding career. You will be able to help people who are suffering from pain and improve their quality of life. You will also be part of a growing network of chiropractors who are using the latest techniques in spinal decompression.

For those aspiring to join the ranks of Team Ring Dinger® chiropractors, reaching out to Team Ring Dinger® for more information is the first step toward a promising and successful career in this dynamic field. Fill out our seminar survey to reserve a spot at the next Team Ring Dinger® seminar which is highly recommended for any chiropractors looking to enhance their practice. The resources and support provided by Team Ring Dinger® are unparalleled, ensuring chiropractors have everything they need to thrive in this dynamic field. Embracing the Team Ring Dinger® chiropractic advantage opens doors to a future of excellence in patient care and professional fulfillment.

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