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The Johnson Y Axis Adjustment® Table: Why is it Important?

In the chiropractic world, the renowned adjustment and internet sensation, the Ring Dinger®, also known as the Johnson Y Axis Adjustment® stands as a testament to chiropractic advancements. At the crux of this sought after adjustment is the Ring Dinger® Table, a specialized piece of chiropractic equipment crafted especially by Hill Laboratories for Advanced Chiropractic Equipment LLC. This specialized table isn’t just a piece of equipment; it’s an embodiment of biomechanical finesse and safety measures. This table is not just a chiropractic tool, it represents the importance of safety and precision in spinal adjustments. In this post, we will go over the significance of this chiropractic tool, why you should use it, and how to get access to this specialized piece of equipment.

The Johnson Y Axis Adjustment®

The Johnson Y Axis Adjustment®, commonly referred to as the Ring Dinger®, has become a hallmark in chiropractic care, owing much of its widespread recognition to Dr. Johnson’s innovative approach to spinal adjustments. Dr. Johnson took to platforms like YouTube to share videos showcasing the immediate and transformative effects of the Ring Dinger®.

Through captivating visuals these videos quickly gained traction, going viral within the chiropractic community and beyond. Dr. Johnson’s technique, highlighted through these online channels, became an internet sensation, drawing the attention of individuals seeking effective solutions for spinal issues across the United States.

Leveraging the power of social media, particularly YouTube, Dr. Johnson not only showcased the effectiveness of the Ring Dinger® but also revolutionized the way chiropractic adjustments were perceived and sought after.

The Specialized Johnson Y Axis Adjustment® Table

In order to safely and effectively achieve the relief offered by the Johnson Y Axis Adjustment® , certified DC’s must use the specialized chiropractic equipment made especially for Team Ring Dinger® members. To perform the Ring Dinger® adjustment, the table offers locking the iliac crest onto the table by foam-covered steel pins to provide an anchor for the spine then raising the lower legs parallel to the table. This flattens out the lumbar curve relaxing the paraspinal musculature from the sacrum up to the thoracolumbar spine and often even higher into the thoracic and cervical spines. This allows for a deep full spine y-axis adjustment.

The table was built for safety, technical, biomechanical, anatomical, efficiency, and placement to deliver the Johnson Y Axis Adjustment® properly also known as the Ring Dinger® adjustment safely and effectively. It is adjustable to ensure patients with long legs like athletes looking to adjust their y-axis receive proper realignment. Its unique features are engineered to facilitate the secure and precise execution of the Ring Dinger® adjustment, ensuring unparalleled results for patients seeking relief of their spine pain and associated conditions.

The Ring Dinger® Seminar

Advanced Chiropractic Equipment and Seminars by Dr. Gregory Johnson is a meticulously designed 3- day clinical seminar that serves as critical comprehensive education on how to perform this sought after adjustment. This hands on career advancing chiropractic seminar includes:

  • Comprehensive medical/chiropractic case histories to rule out contraindications to performing the Ring Dinger or any Chiropractic adjustments
  • Comprehensive orthopedic/neurological examinations
  • The application of Johnson BioPhysics® technique, also known as the Ring Dinger® adjustment with precision and safety.
This experience equips DC’s with the knowledge and skills necessary for ensuring patient safety and optimizing treatment effectiveness. The seminar also offers chiropractors the opportunity to use a range of sought after marketing tools including the use of the heavily searched Team Ring Dinger®, Ring Dinger®, Johnson Y Axis Adjustment® and Johnson BioPhysics®. Many DC’s are seeing changes in business.


Team Ring Dinger® doesn’t just refine chiropractic techniques; it acts as a transformative bridge between exceptional patient care and business expansion. DC’s are undergoing this seminar to not only elevate their clinical proficiency but also witness surges in patient inquiries and a higher ROI.
By becoming a part of Team Ring Dinger®, chiropractors embrace more than a mere technique, they adopt a philosophy and dedication to delivering top-tier care and staying at the forefront of the chiropractic field.

*Note: Beginning on 01/01/2024, due to an increase in manufacturing costs, the cost of our Ring Dinger® table will go up to $8,999.00

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