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Protecting the Integrity of the Ring Dinger® Technique

ring dinger integrity

A trademark safeguards the integrity and value of a company’s unique products and services. The Ring Dinger® Johnson Y Axis Adjustment® is a prime example, holding significant value in the public and chiropractic community due to its distinct biomechanics, neurological physiological change and ultimately successful patient outcomes with 3-6 visits rather than 3 times a week for weeks or months taking up valuable time for less effective treatment that does not give the patient a favorable outcome.

What is the Ring Dinger® Johnson Y Axis Adjustment®?

The Ring Dinger® is a manual spinal decompression technique developed and perfected by Your Houston Chiropractor Dr. Gregory E. Johnson. It involves a specific spinal decompression Y axis  adjustment using a specialized chiropractic table designed to maximize biomechanical principles and has features for the patient’s comfort and safety while applying a precise force/high velocity, low amplitude Y Axis Adjustment. This technique relieves pressure on the spine, its spinal discs, affecting neurological afferent nerve stimulation which can affect the neuroplasticity in the brain promoting better adaptability to your environment both internally and externally, spinal biomechanical alignment adaptation and overall health potential. With over 44 years of experience, Dr. Johnson has developed and refined/perfected this technique, which has become a hallmark of his success in practice. The effectiveness of the Ring Dinger® is validated by significant patient relief with pre and post adjustment videos showing objective and subjective improvement in real time results as witnessed by a widespread worldwide  social media YouTube for all those watching and observing it on YouTube without editing any video content.

Common Misconceptions: The Y Strap vs. Ring Dinger®

The Y Strap technique, often mislabeled by Chiropractors who don’t know any better as the Ring Dinger®, The y strap involves chiropractors using a strap to apply traction to the spine, the cervical spine primarily only tractioning the cervical and thoracic spine which is not deep enough to affect lumbar disc conditions. Unlike the Ring Dinger®, which uses a specialized system, (equipment and adjusting procedures) for precise control of the spine done by hand by a certified Team Ring Dinger licensed D.C., the Y Strap relies on less biomechanically sound methods, flexion and rotation often leading to a riskier and less beneficial outcome for the patient. The distinction between these two techniques is crucial to understand, as misrepresentation can lead to misunderstanding and misuse, ultimately compromising patient safety and care quality.

Trademark Infringement Issues

Recently, several chiropractors have misused the Ring Dinger® trademark to promote their services, misleading the public by falsely equating their techniques with the Ring Dinger®. For instance, some have incorrectly described the Ring Dinger® as using a harness or straps for Y-axis traction the same as they do with a y strap traction maneuver. They often  mislead patients about the actual procedure, comparing it to the Ring Dinger® Johnson Y Axis Adjustment® which are federally registered trademarks that protects the integrity and value to official certified members of Team Ring Dinger®. In response, Dr. Johnson’s Intellectual Property law firm has issued numerous cease and desist orders to chiropractors who use the trademarks to drive internet traffic to their website even though they are not trained or certified by Dr. Johnson. Dr. Johnson vigorously defends his trademarks for the benefit of the public and certified official Team Ring Dinger® docs. Dr. Johnson will protect the registered federal trademarks and uphold the technique’s integrity and reputation worldwide.

Why Trademark Protection Matters

Maintaining the integrity and trust associated with the Ring Dinger® brand is essential not only for protecting the trademark but also for ensuring that patients can rely on the trademark and so patients can receive the same high-quality care they expect from Dr. Johnson and his certified Team Ring Dinger providers around the US. Trademark protection prevents unauthorized use, ensuring that only licensed providers who adhere to Dr. Johnson’s standards, protocols and procedures can offer the genuine Ring Dinger® technique as taught by Dr. Johnson in his three day clinical seminar in Houston Texas. This legal protection is vital for maintaining the technique’s value and ensuring quality and above all  patient safety when the technique is practiced by a trained certified licensed chiropractor to the public by any certified Team Ring Dinger® doc.

Supporting Our Official Providers

Being an official Ring Dinger® provider is a mark of excellence, quality of care and exclusivity to licensees of Dr. Johnson’s federal trademarks. These providers benefit from the credibility and trust associated with the trademark, which helps them attract patients seeking the genuine Ring Dinger® experience. Dr. Johnson’s support of these certified trained providers is important for maintaining the high standards associated with the technique.

We encourage the public and readers of this blog  to report any misuse of the Ring Dinger® trademark by unlicensed providers to protect the integrity of the unique technique. Chiropractors interested in becoming official providers and benefiting from the trademark’s value are invited to join Team Ring Dinger®. Please reserve your spot at our next seminar to learn all aspects of Johnson BioPhysics® and the Ring Dinger®  aka the Johnson Y Axis Adjustment® of the entire spine. Licensed chiropractors can reserve their spot on our website here

Welcome to the official Team Ring Dinger network worldwide.


Protecting the Ring Dinger® trademark is vital for maintaining its true value and ensuring that patients receive the same high-quality care they deserve and as practiced by Dr. Johnson over his 44 year successful chiropractic career. We appreciate the support of the public and our official providers and remain committed to safeguarding the integrity of the Ring Dinger® technique for their benefit. Please feel free to contact Dr. Gregory Johnson with any questions or concerns regarding the Ring Dinger® trademark.

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