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Maximum Return On Investment for Chiropractors

At the core of Dr. Gregory Johnson’s success is his innovative chiropractic technique known as the Johnson Y Axis Adjustment® also known as the Ring Dinger®. This technique involves a unique spinal decompression adjustment, performed with the assistance of the Johnson Y Axis Adjustment® table. Following this technique, The Ring Dinger® has gained widespread attention online for its effectiveness in addressing spinal issues and providing rapid relief to patients.

Digital Presence and Internet Sensation:

Dr. Johnson recognized the power of the internet as a platform to share his technique with a global audience. Leveraging social media platforms, particularly YouTube, he began sharing videos of his adjustments, showcasing the immediate and often dramatic results of the Ring Dinger®. These videos quickly went viral, turning Dr. Johnson and his technique  into an internet sensation in the chiropractic community and beyond, reaching patients across the United States.

Educational Content and Accessibility:

Dr. Johnson’s approach extends beyond just providing adjustments for patients. Today, he is also a dedicated educator, using online platforms to share insights into his chiropractic techniques as well as offering his techniques and trademarks to other chiropractors using a career advancement seminar for a nominal fee. By creating educational content, he has not only demystified chiropractic care for the general public but has also empowered other chiropractors to learn and adopt his methods to grow their practice. 

Formation of Team Ring Dinger®:

Understanding the potential impact of his technique, Dr. Johnson established Team Ring Dinger®. This is a community of chiropractors who have undergone specialized training in the Ring Dinger® technique and taken the game changing chiropractic seminar offered by Dr. Gregory Johnson. This collaborative network allows chiropractors to not only perform the Ring Dinger® technique. They also receive access to use marketing tools to reach patients all over the world who are looking for DC’s to perform the Johnson BioPhysics® techniques near them. Not only do they get to use these specific tools but also share experiences, best practices, and support, fostering a community of professionals dedicated to providing high-quality, effective care. 

Certification and Trademark:

Dr. Johnson has taken steps to ensure the credibility and recognition of his technique through deliberate teaching, training, and certification via his chiropractic seminar. The creation of a federal trademark for Team Ring Dinger® and the option for chiropractors to obtain federal trademark usage from Dr. Gregory Johnson adds an official stamp of approval, giving certified chiropractors a unique selling proposition in their local markets.

Advanced Chiropractic Seminar

The foundation of the Team Ring Dinger® New Package is the Advanced Chiropractic Seminar, a $1,000.00 investment in your professional growth. This seminar goes beyond the basics, providing in-depth knowledge and hands-on training in advanced chiropractic adjusting techniques. By participating, you position yourself at the forefront of clinical excellence, gaining a competitive edge in the ever-evolving chiropractic landscape.

The Johnson Y Axis Adjustment® Table

At the heart of the package is the revolutionary Johnson Y Axis Adjustment® Table, priced at $7,999.00. This cutting-edge table is designed to elevate your practice by offering precision and performance in chiropractic adjustments. Its unique features make it an investment not only in patient care but also in the efficiency and effectiveness of your practice.

*Note: Beginning on 01/01/2024, due to an increase in manufacturing costs, the cost of our Ring Dinger® table will go up to $8,999.00

Financing Through NCMIC

Recognizing the financial commitment involved, we’ve partnered with NCMIC to offer financing options for the Team Ring Dinger® New Package. This collaboration ensures that chiropractors can embark on this transformative journey without immediate financial strain. With NCMIC’s support, you can take a step towards becoming a certified Team Ring Dinger® doc and unlocking a world of career opportunities.

Federal ADA Tax Credit for the Ring Dinger® Table

The Ring Dinger® table isn’t just an advanced piece of equipment, it’s a smart investment with a high return on investment. Eligible for a federal ADA tax credit worth 50%, this table offers a unique opportunity to recoup costs. Imagine paying for the entire package by performing just 35 Ring Dinger® adjustments at $100.00 each, paid in cash by your patients. This presents an unparalleled return on investment and underscores the financial advantages of incorporating this groundbreaking table into your practice.

Becoming a certified Team Ring Dinger® doc is not just a career move; it’s a strategic investment in your future. With a total package cost of $11,546.95, this comprehensive offering empowers chiropractors to stand out in the marketplace, attract new patients, and enjoy a significant return on their investment. The Team Ring Dinger® New Package is more than a collection of products and services; it’s a pathway to injecting enthusiasm and increased cash flow into your practice. Seize the opportunity today to elevate your chiropractic journey with Team Ring Dinger®.

Career Opportunities and Financial Incentives:

By turning the Ring Dinger® into a brand and a recognized technique, Dr. Johnson has created career growth opportunities for chiropractors all across the United States. The Team Ring Dinger® New Package, which includes the Johnson Y Axis Adjustment® table and the Advanced Chiropractic Seminar, not only provides chiropractors with the tools they need but also positions them for financial success through federal ADA tax credits and a unique cash-payment model for the Ring Dinger® adjustments. 

Dr. Gregory Johnson’s ability to turn the Ring Dinger® technique into an internet sensation and a tool for other chiropractors lies in his innovative approach, strategic use of online platforms, commitment to education, and the creation of a supportive community through Team Ring Dinger®. This not only benefits individual chiropractors but also contributes to the advancement and recognition of chiropractic care on a broader scale. 

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