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Get Your Maximum Return on Investment with Post Graduate Educational Seminars

As a licensed chiropractor, the pursuit of continuous education is paramount. The question is, are you maximizing the returns on your investments in post-graduate seminars and equipment? Consider this: how swiftly does your new equipment begin generating profits for your practice? 

With the Ring Dinger® table, it takes just 40 adjustments, factoring in the 50% ADA tax credit, to recover your investment in a mere month. This signature technique, pioneered by Dr. Gregory Johnson, offers both a clinical edge and a financial burst for your practice. By becoming a member of Team Ring Dinger®, not only do you elevate patient care, but you also embark on a journey towards exceptional clinical outcomes and a flourishing practice.

Elevated Learning with Advanced Chiropractic Seminars (ACES)

Begin your transformative educational experience with Advanced Chiropractic Seminars (ACES). Unlike traditional seminars, Dr. Gregory Johnson places you right in the heart of clinical practice with hands-on learning. From 8:30 am to 4 pm every M-T-W, you’ll witness firsthand how real patients tackle their unique chiropractic challenges, selecting you as their healthcare provider. ACES equips you with the skills to conduct comprehensive medical/chiropractic histories, crucial for safe and effective clinical decisions. This approach fosters immediate trust, assuring your patients that they’ve chosen the right chiropractor for their healthcare journey.

Next comes the comprehensive orthopedic/neurological examination. Here, you’re not just diagnosing joint dysfunction but unraveling the root causes behind your patients’ conditions. This transparency in diagnosis builds confidence, as patients understand the science, art, and philosophy of Chiropractic care. By leaving no stone unturned, you not only instill trust but also minimize the risk of malpractice claims.

At ACES, you’ll shadow Dr. Gregory Johnson as he navigates real cases. With over 42 years of experience, Dr. Johnson imparts invaluable insights into clinical diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation. Witness spine conditions being addressed live, allowing you to discern if your patients are suitable for these advanced chiropractic techniques.

The Science Behind the Ring Dinger® Technique

The Ring Dinger® technique is founded on a profound understanding of biomechanics and neurological responses within the human body. This approach leverages the principles of the Cartesian Coordinate System (X, Y, Z-Axis). By doing this it meticulously evaluates and adjusts the biomechanical integrity of the spine, pelvis, and extremities.

What sets the Ring Dinger® apart is the application of high-velocity, low-amplitude specific thrusts. These controlled movements are orchestrated to realign joints into their most biomechanically relevant positions, optimizing alignment with adjacent bones and joints. The ultimate goal? To detect and correct biomechanical improprieties, liberating the body from neurological and physiological interferences associated with the Vertebral Subluxation Complex.

The Ring Dinger® extends its benefits to pelvis and extremity adjustments, enhancing joint range of motion. By breaching the paraphysiological space, it enables joints to reach their full range of motion within the anatomical integrity of their ligaments. This meticulous whole-body approach stimulates mechanoreceptors in the capsular ligaments. These impulses journey through the spinal cord to the cerebellum, culminating in efferent signals that promote enhanced neurological function and a consequent reduction in pain reception—a phenomenon often likened to a “Pain Gate.”

Maximizing Returns with the Ring Dinger® Table

The Ring Dinger® table, exclusively crafted by Hill Laboratories for Advanced Chiropractic Equipment LLC, is a testament to safety and durability. With features designed to accommodate patients with impairments, it qualifies for the ADA 50% tax credit. This means you can recoup your investment swiftly, especially when leveraging the ADA tax credit. In just 40 Ring Dinger® adjustments, priced at $100.00 each, you can cover the cost of the table in your very first month of implementation. Compare this to the prolonged investment timeline of other high-cost equipment in the chiropractic field.

Your investment in the Ring Dinger® table not only comes with a guarantee of quality from Hill Labs but also opens up affordable financing options through NCMIC. This partnership ensures that budget constraints are never a barrier to providing top-notch care.

By incorporating the Ring Dinger® technique into your practice, you’re not just revolutionizing patient care but also redefining your professional journey. Join the ranks of certified Team Ring Dinger® chiropractors who are witnessing better clinical outcomes and financial success. Take the first step towards this transformative experience by customizing your seminar with our survey.

Embark on your journey to becoming a certified Team Ring Dinger® chiropractor, making a significant impact on the lives of those you serve through chiropractic care. Submit a survey today and transform your practice.

Note: (Due to manufacturing costs increasing the cost of our Ring Dinger® table the new price beginning on 01/01/2024 will be $8,999.00 but will still be the best return on your investment even at the new price.)

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