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Dr. Gregory E. Johnson’s Seminar: Exploring the Benefits of the Chiropractor Ring Dinger®

The chiropractic profession, like many healthcare fields, has evolved and changed over the years, influenced by a range of practitioners, scientific findings, and cultural shifts. One figure who has left a mark in the chiropractic field in recent years, primarily due to the reach of digital media and Youtube, is Dr. Gregory E. Johnson. His unique approach to adjustments, most notably the Johnson Y Axis Adjustment® also known as the Ring Dinger ®, has stirred discussions among professionals and intrigued patients globally! 

But what is the Ring Dinger® as a part of the Johnson Biophysics Technique®? How has this viral sensation impacted chiropractors across the United States and how can you as a chiropractor reap the benefits of this trending adjustment? 

Increased Visibility through Digital Media

With the rise of digital platforms like YouTube, the reach of chiropractic demonstrations has grown significantly. Dr. Johnson is at the forefront of this movement, amassing millions of views on his videos. For many viewers, their introduction to chiropractic care has been through Dr. Johnson’s demonstrations. This widespread visibility undoubtedly plays a role in popularizing and demystifying chiropractic treatments and has likely sparked increased interest in seeking chiropractic care among viewers!

But what is the Ring Dinger® as a part of the Johnson Biophysics Technique®? How has this viral sensation impacted chiropractors across the United States and how can you as a chiropractor reap the benefits of this trending adjustment? 

The Introduction and Popularization of the Ring Dinger®

Dr. Johnson’s Ring Dinger® is a manual spinal decompression technique that has both fascinated viewers and sparked debates among professionals. Its dramatic nature, coupled with often immediate vocal patient feedback, makes it captivating to watch. For many, the Ring Dinger® has become synonymous with Dr. Johnson, making him a household name in discussions around chiropractic treatments. This well known chiropractic maneuver has led to increased patient inquiries about similar decompression techniques, with many looking for local practitioners who perform comparable adjustments. The Ring Dinger® has become a viral sought out technique because of this fascination. 

Educational Outreach

Beyond the demonstrations, Dr. Johnson uses his platform to educate the masses about the principles of chiropractic care, the anatomy of the spine, and the benefits of various adjustments. This educational component provides value, as it helps dispel myths and misconceptions about chiropractic care. As viewers become more informed, their ability to make choices about their healthcare improves. Moreover, Dr. Johnson has begun to expand his educational outreach to other chiropractors looking to elevate their practice and market themselves.

Gain More Digital Engagement

Dr. Johnson’s success has showcased the power of digital platforms in promoting healthcare practices. Many chiropractors have recognized the potential of online engagement with such well known key words, leading to a broader digital presence across the profession. Whether professionals agree with Dr. Johnson’s methods or not, there’s no denying the push he has given toward embracing modern media.

Here are some of the resources that Team Ring Dinger® chiropractors have access to:

  • Training: Team Ring Dinger® chiropractors receive training in the Ring Dinger® adjustment from Dr. Gregory Johnson, the developer of the technique. The training includes a comprehensive overview of the anatomy and physiology of the spine, as well as the principles of spinal biomechanics and full spine decompression on the Y axis.
  • Marketing: Team Ring Dinger® chiropractors have access to marketing materials and resources that can help them attract new patients who are specifically searching the internet for a Team Ring Dinger® doctor near them. Team Ring Dinger® doctors will be placed on Advanced Chiropractic Equipment LLC’s website which has worldwide SEO.
  • Insurance Hassle: Team Ring Dinger® chiropractors can collect a $100.00 cash fee rather than bill insurance companies, fighting for your money increasing cash flow for the practice. This can help to make the treatment more affordable for patients.
  • Continuing Education: Team Ring Dinger® chiropractors have access to continuing education opportunities that can help them stay up-to-date on the latest techniques in chiropractic and full spinal decompression. These opportunities include hands-on clinical seminars taught by Dr. Gregory Johnson in Houston Texas.

Overall, there are many advantages to being a Team Ring Dinger® chiropractor in the US. This is a growing field with a lot of potential, and Team Ring Dinger® chiropractors have the resources and support they need to be successful.


Dr. Gregory E. Johnson has undeniably made a significant impact on the chiropractic profession in the digital age. His methods, particularly the Ring Dinger®, have enthralled millions online and has undeniably increased the visibility of chiropractic care on a global scale. As with all medical practices portrayed in the media, it’s crucial for viewers and potential patients to approach with an open yet discerning mind, recognizing that one practitioner’s methods do not encompass an entire profession’s scope. Regardless of individual opinions on his techniques, Dr. Johnson’s influence on the chiropractic landscape is undeniable.

Key takeaways from this overview is that patients worldwide are seeking chiropractors who are trained by Dr. Johnson during 3-day hands-on Advanced Chiropractic clinical seminars, using Dr. Johnson’s Ring Dinger® table, and by using his federal trademarks are officially a member of Team Ring Dinger® will see more new patients, get faster, better clinical outcomes on their patients and earn more money charging $100.00 cash for each Ring Dinger® adjustment delivered to their patients using Dr. Johnson’s protocols and adjusting procedures. By utilizing Johnson BioPhysics® chiropractors will bring in more new patients as cash income for their practice because patients worldwide are actively seeking out chiropractors who practice like Dr. Johnson does and use his procedures and protocols advertising it on their websites. Don’t wait, reserve your spot at Dr. Johnson’s seminars.

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