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Becoming a Team Ring Dinger®

Becoming a Team Ring Dinger® holds paramount significance in the realm of digital marketing. People from all corners of the country actively seek out the distinguished Ring Dinger Advanced Chiropractic Seminars. This emblematic status not only sets you apart but also places you in high demand within the chiropractic community.

How to Attend an ACE Seminar

These seminars, an exclusive invitation-only affair, commence with a straightforward initial step: filling out the “Reserve Your Spot” form on our website. This simple act kickstarts your journey toward mastering the art of chiropractic adjustments.

For out-of-state licensed D.C.s, securing a temporary Texas license from the Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners (TBCE) is an important prerequisite. This license empowers you to practice the art of adjusting while fully immersed in this invaluable learning experience. To expedite this process, all we need are three available dates on any Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. This allows us to efficiently schedule your seminar and guide you through the steps of acquiring the temporary TX license from the TBCE.

In our commitment to providing a tailored seminar experience, we highly encourage you to complete our seminar survey. Your specific needs and preferences matter to us. You can get a more customized seminar experience when you fill out our seminar survey letting us know what your specific needs are so we can address those issues in our 3-day seminar at Advanced Chiropractic Relief’s (ACR) office in Houston Texas just 10 minutes away from George Bush Intercontinental Airport, (IAH) in North Houston. ACE even has special room rates of $99.00/night at the Hyatt Regency Hotel North Houston for attendees right across the street from ACR. 

Cost and Benefits of the ACE Seminar

In addition to the invaluable knowledge gained, there is a nominal fee of $1,000.00 to secure your spot in the seminar. This prerequisite not only ensures your reservation but also allows us to proceed with the process of obtaining the Temporary TX license, an important factor for chiropractic adjustments within the state of Texas.

Advanced Chiropractic Equipment & Seminars (ACES) stands at the forefront, offering trademarked, game-changing chiropractic equipment, including our renowned Tables. In addition to this, our clinical one-on-one practical seminars empower licensed DCs to become one of our wonderful Team Ring Dinger® Docs. This distinction, marked by mastery in the Ring Dinger® and Johnson BioPhysics® techniques, catapults you to the forefront of the chiropractic field and allows you to join the rest of the advanced chiropractors performing the sought after Ring Dinger. 

Houston Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Johnson, personally imparts the wisdom garnered from years of experience. Through our 3-day, 100% clinical seminars, held steadfastly every Monday through Wednesday, Dr. Johnson not only shares his techniques but also imparts his successful practice trade secrets. This seminar is a pivotal catalyst for those who aspire to revolutionize their practice, delivering transformative adjustments with unwavering confidence.

Federal Trademarks and More: Marketing for Chiropractors

For those who wish to cement their status as an official Team Ring Dinger® Doc, we offer the opportunity to purchase federal trademark licenses. These licenses, obtained by Dr. Johnson, safeguard the identity of the Team Ring Dinger® members in the United States. At a monthly cost of $295.00, you gain access to three of Dr. Johnson’s federal trademarks: Ring Dinger®, Team Ring Dinger®, and Johnson BioPhysics®. This affords you the privilege of marketing yourself as an official Team Ring Dinger® doc, filling the vital role of providing the highly sought-after Ring Dinger® adjustment in your community.

As an official Team Ring Dinger® doc, you’ll enjoy exclusive access to Advanced Chiropractic Equipment & Seminars’ array of products and marketing materials. This encompasses everything from signs to website design, SEO services, and professional digital artwork for the trademarks. This arsenal equips you to proudly display your status as an official TRD doc.

Official Team Ring Dinger® docs earn a coveted spot on our website’s locations page, benefiting from robust worldwide SEO. This strategic placement ensures that potential patients can easily discover you online, ultimately joining our national referral network of Team Ring Dinger® docs across the United States.

Join Team Ring Dinger

For licensed chiropractors in the United States, our support extends beyond seminars. We stand ready to assist you in evaluating the value of your practice for sale. This service provides Team Ring Dinger® docs with a clear exit strategy, be it for retirement or any other reason prompting the sale of their practice.

Welcome to the world of Team Ring Dinger®! Your journey towards professional distinction and the advancement of chiropractic care begins here.

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