What Is The Popping Tool That Chiropractors Use?

It’s funny how people who have been to a chiropractor joke while referring to the experience as ‘getting cracked,’ This leaves a question on the minds of people who have never gone for spinal adjustment therapy before. 

If you are curious about the popping tool that chiropractors use, you have probably heard about it, watched a video, or been to a chiropractor to get treatment for your back pain for the first time, and heard loud pops and cracks during a spinal adjustment with ring dinger. You found it alarming, right? Rest assured, though: The pop sound you heard while undergoing a chiropractic spinal adjustment is normal.

People don’t go to a Houston Texas Chiropractor to get ‘cracked,’ which is not a comforting word and would explain why people find it reluctant to visit a Chiropractor. While it’s ok to joke about this, people who already know the benefits of spinal adjustment therapy, others often intuitively get the impression that their bones will ‘crack’ or ‘pop’ and can’t see the benefits in that. 

What Causes Popping or Cracking during Chiropractic Treatment?

ow, an accurate description of this chiropractic care is an adjustment. The adjustment intends to remove structural misalignments by applying a gentle force to the involved area. The ‘popping’ sound is created when the surfaces of the joints are being realigned at a high rate of speed. This removes the pressure surrounding the nerves, tendons, ligaments, and other tissues, which allow the body to function optimally. 

This also means revamping the innate ability of the body to heal and restore itself. Adjustments are performed with a quick and fast movement that creates a negative pressure inside the joint space. Every joint, including the finger joints, ankle joints, etc., is encapsulated. The capsule consists of fluids and gasses that help the joints to stay lubricated and move smoothly. During chiropractic adjustment therapy, the negative pressure forces the release of the gases. 

So, the popping noise is caused by small pockets of bubbles or air or bubbles in the fluid surrounding your joints when the tissues of your joint are stretched. You will feel more movement in your back after the chiropractic adjustment treatment. However, you may still feel soreness and tightness in your muscles.

Other chiropractic care treatments may also be incorporated into your treatment. These also include muscle therapy. With each of the treatment sessions, you should notice more relief in your back pain.

Your therapist may suggest some preventive care tips. He could recommend specific exercises and ergonomic tips on correct body postures as you engage in your daily physical activities. Maintaining good posts while you work in your office and doing specific exercises will help you move your spine in healthy ways.

What is the popping tool that chiropractors use?

The ‘pooping’ tool or
ring dinger chiropractic is an activator adjusting tool, a gentler method of performing Chiropractic care. The Activator is an adjusting instrument loaded with spring and uses speed – rather than force – to mobilize the joints. 

This tool helps a chiropractor to realign specific parts of your spine effectively. The little amount of spring-loaded force exerted helps your vertebrae to snap back into place to relieve you of pain and inflammation. 

The adjustment is incredibly powerful, and its impulse takes only three milliseconds! More than 100 studies have confirmed the profound effect that the Activator had on the spine’s tissues since its invention more than 20 years ago. Its gentle and effective nature has made it grow to be the most widely-used adjusting instrument in the world.

How does the Activator Adjustment Tool work?

The tool uses specific protocols to identify dysfunctions in the spinal joint, analyze the leg length inequality, identify body mechanics issues, and perform a test on neurological reflexes. The Activator has a controllable, fast thrust that is applied into a joint to stimulate the nervous system activity. 

The brain’s work is similar to that of a GPS (global positioning system). The brain receives and sends signals to joints in your body to easily identify their locations. When the signal gets lost or distorted, the joint becomes misaligned. 

An adjustment therapy involves using an Activator signal to notify your brain of the existence of the joint so that the brain regains control of its location and how it is to move. The ability of a chiropractor to identify the exact location of the problem’s source and the low-force thrust of the spinal adjustment tool will give you a systematical and efficient solution.

Is Chiropractic Treatment Right for You?

It’s important to note that
chiropractic care is not a solution to all forms of neck or back pains. Back pains are caused by different spine conditions. Some spine conditions require other treatments. These treatments include surgery and medication or having both combined. 

If your condition makes you experience back pain, you might consider a non-surgical treatment, and chiropractic care is a good treatment option you could opt for. However, don’t be alarmed by a ‘pop’ sound during a chiropractic care treatment. It’s normal in chiropractic adjustment therapy. To learn more about what is popping tool that chiropractor use and how they will improve your health with that, call Advanced Chiropractic Equipment LLC at 713-417-6091 or Contact us here.