Chiropractic tables

What are the Benefits of Chiropractic Table?

Back pain is the one most common issue that causes a lot of patients to visit the office. Approximately 31 million Americans experience back pain as stated by the American Chiropractic Association (ACA). However, most of the back pain experienced is not due to illness but because of the spine being out of alignment. From the many patients that suffer from back pain, there are some that also suffer from bulging, slipped, or protruded discs. In order to provide these patients with pain relief, using a flexion-distraction table, a form of chiropractic equipment, to assist in adjusting their spines can benefit both the chiropractor and patient.

How Does it Work?

Having unaligned joints and spines can cause problems for your movement by disrupting the fluid flowing through your joints and spines. The fluid flowing properly is important for some parts of your body like your spinal discs to receive the proper nutrients. However, having a misaligned joint disrupts the fluid causing the discs to lose nutrients and thin eventually impacting you long-term. A flexion-distraction table helps with properly circulating the fluid. It is very similar to a standard chiropractic table but instead the table itself can side-flex and flex. This assists with patients having relief from a non-weight bearing force. The patient will start off on their abdomen while the chiropractor helps to stretch and flex the patient. This chiropractic equipment stops the patient from making any active movements allowing the doctor to properly stretch the patient’s muscles.


Some advantages to using this flexion-distraction table, a form of chiropractic table, is that the chiropractor is in control of the amount of force they provide with each movement, and the segmented table only helps add more support. Therefore, gravity helps by adding to the force and adjusting the spine, making it easier for the chiropractor and more support for the patient. It is most commonly useful for patients that are more sensitive during spinal adjustment such as those with:
  •     Osteoarthritis
  •     Extreme back pain (unable to fully move)
  •     Pregnant patients
  •     Herniated disks
  •     Older age
  •     Frailer bodies
Not only is it beneficial for the patients, but also the chiropractor as well. Due to the excessive usage of their hands causing a lot of stiffness and soreness in their fingers, arms, wrists, and backs, the flexion-distraction table provides the chiropractor with some relief as well. By using gravity to help assist in most of the movements, there is a less required force for the chiropractor.


With the flexion-distraction table, the chiropractor starts to stretch and manipulate your muscles, while the flexion-distraction table either drops or moves. Changing your body position with the table, and slightly dropping its gravity helps to improve the treatment and realign your spine. Some found benefits of using the flexion-distraction table can be:
  •     Reduced pressure on your spinal nerves and discs
  •     Improved range and mobility
  •     Decreased bulging of herniated discs
  •     Relief of stiffness
  •     Assistance in managing chronic back pain
  •     Lessened neck pain and headaches
  •     Improvement of disc health
  •     Delay or removes the need for surgery
  •     Increases better posture

Maintenance of Chiropractic Table

The amount of maintenance necessary to keep the chiropractic equipment in good working condition needs to also be looked at. Compared to a normal chiropractic table, the flexion-distraction table contains a lot of different parts that move and drop in many different directions. Over time, all of these segments will either get stuck or worn out which can impact the patient’s spinal adjustment. Therefore, in order to keep the flexion-distraction table in top working condition, you should look at the different service packages available when buying your chiropractic equipment. It is a worthwhile investment in the long run.