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How does a Spinal Decompression Table work?

About 31 million Americans experience some form of pain in their lower back. However, what they do not know is that instead of finding temporary relief through medication the way to solve their pain long-term is through the use of chiropractic equipment.

Many of these people would benefit from the use of a Spinal Decompression Table, which makes use of computer sensors to help perform the stretch movements on their spine while healing them as well.

Different Types of Spinal Decompression Tables

There are mainly two different types of spinal decompression tables with each being the main chiropractic equipment used for non-surgical spinal decompression therapy.

  • The first spinal decompression table contains cables and pulleys that help to pull on the patient’s body.
  • The second type of table contains two separate parts, an upper and lower body part that is separate from each other and move separately as well. The second table is the more recommended one due to its ability to stop muscle guarding.

During this treatment, the patient is attached to the table with a harness and surrounded by pillows that will both assist in aligning the spine for decompression and keep the patient comfortable. Once ready, the spinal decompression table’s two parts, the upper and lower body, will begin to move away from each other. The force created by this pull can range from 5 to 100 pounds for either cervical or lumbar decompression.

How Does it Work?

The spinal decompression table is similar to other chiropractic equipment in that it assists with spinal alignment. However, the main difference is the use of technology. These tables use sensors that let the chiropractor know when the patient’s muscles are resisting, and if so they decrease force until the muscles relax.

During this treatment, the chiropractor is able to pick which program is better for the patient’s ideal spine goals. Each program depends on the patient’s diagnosis and their body’s response to previous treatments.

Negative pressure is formed in the spinal discs once the table is active this can help in repositioning the discs and causing pain relief. The average number of sessions on the spinal decompression table is at least 12 with more sessions if necessary with each session time average of 30 minutes.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Before beginning, the patient’s history and imaging such as MRI or X-rays are taken to see if the patient is a good candidate for the spinal decompression table. Most patients resort to spinal decompression therapy due to still having pain after trying other treatments such as surgery. It is most commonly useful for patients that have:

  •     Pregnancy
  •     Metastasized cancer
  •     Spinal fusion
  •     Broken vertebrae
  •     Artificial discs or spinal implants
  •     Osteoporosis
  •     Spinal tumor
  •     Pinched nerve
  •     Sciatica
  •     Degenerative discs disease


The spinal decompression table is a non-surgical method of relieving your pain. The chiropractic equipment contains computerized sensors that are operated by the doctor. Some of the benefits of spinal decompression are:

  •     Provides pain relief
  •     Promotes healing of spinal discs
  •     Restores alignment of spine and joints
  •     Relieves pressure on nerves

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